Brtools permissions

For set correct permission and owners for brtools execute:

chmod 4774 brarchive brbackup brconnect

chown <orasid>:sapsys brarchive brbackup brconnect

Note 113747 – Owners and authorizations for BR*Tools


The following settings are required to call the BR*Tools correctly, especially when using transaction DB13 or DBACOCKPIT:

ora<sid> and <sid>adm on DB server have a search path on /sapmnt/<SID>/exe. (All br* are contained in this directory.)
ora<sid> belongs to the dba group,
<sid>adm belongs to the sapsys group,

<sid>adm on the database server has the rhosts entry: “+ <sid>adm”.

The ops$<sid>adm Oracle user must be created in the DB and must have the sapdba role (not DBA!) (refer to Note 134592 for more information about the role).

brarchive, brbackup, and brconnect belong to ora<sid> and have authorization 4774:
-rwsrwxr–   ora<sid>   sapsys   …

Both the operating system (OS) user ora<sid> and the OS user <sid>adm (for example, from SAP R/3, transactions DB13 or DBACOCKPIT) must be able to call these tools. These tools require access authorization to the database directories and files as well as to the log directories (saparch, sapbackup, sapcheck, and sapreorg) of the BR*Tools. To ensure that they can be executed by both ora<sid> and by <sid>adm, they must belong to the user ora<sid>, and the s-bit must be set.

brrestore, brrecover, brspace, and brtools belong to <sid>adm and have authorization 755:
-rwxr-xr-x   <sid>adm   sapsys   …

These tools may be used only by OS user ora<sid>, but not by <sid>adm. This ensures that the user <sid>adm does not have write authorization for the log directories and therefore cannot create any logs. For this, no s-bit is set, and it is not necessary to define an owner other than the standard owner <sid>adm.
If the tools were started using <sid>adm, they would terminate immediately after the start due to the missing log authorization. However, the user ora<sid> can start the programs despite this and also has the required authorization for the log directories.

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  1. selvakumar


    brtools has owner is ora and group is SAPSYS, but how it is working in the ora,

    how these permissions get interpret???

  2. please provide exact permissions and ownerships of br tools in linux environment

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