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JRE 7.25 incompatible with PI Tools | LAZY_CLASSLOADING_FAILED

Symptom We perfromed upgrade JRE to version 7.25. We tried to run Enterprise Services Builder, we have error in popup window with text LAZY_CLASSLOADING_FAILED and buttons CHECK_LOG and CLOSE_BUTTON. Solution For temporary resolve this problem without deeper into OS config, We can disable the new version Java in Windows Control Panel -> Java -> “Java” tab page -> “View” button -> unmarked the “Enable” checkbox Now PI Tools work fine.

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Problem with stop/start saposcol

Sometimes it may be impossible to stop saposcol either by “saposcol -d” –> kill or by “saposcol -k”. The system produces messages similar to: ======================================== can’t kill process 99687. kill: No such process ERROR:No reaction from collecting process 99687! Please kill collecting process. ======================================== Although no process with PID 99687  exists, the output of command “saposcol -s” shows that saposcol is running and shared memory is attached. In this case, stop the collector running by removing the shared memory key of saposcol. For this, execute command “ipcs -ma” and note the line that contains saposcol key “4dbe”. You need the shared memory … Continue Reading

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SAP NW Java: Delete old dumps and trace files with command find

We recomend regulary check directory /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE>/j2ee/cluster/server<N>/, where can be hold old dumps and trace files. For examle, in Note 1289240 – How to deal with out of memory errors we can read The heap dump is generated in directory /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE>/j2ee/cluster/server<N>/ where N is the server node number. Automatically created heap dump on out of memory event is in OOM.hprof and OOM.addons files. User generated heap dump is in files named as java_pid<PID>.hprof and java_pid<PID>.addons, where PID is the process ID (9848 for example). Also we can find *.trc files. We recomend delete unnecessary files In case Unix We use command find cd /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE>/j2ee/cluster/server<N>/ find … Continue Reading

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errpt – aix system log report

To display a detailed report of all aix system errors logged in the past 24 hours, enter: errpt  -a -s mmddhhmmyy where the mmddhhmmyy string equals the current month, day, hour, minute, and year, minus 24 hours.

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SPAM Error On Phase Prepare

Symptom During installation SPS 08 in system SAP BPC 10 we have error on phase PREPARE. In transaction spam we can see   Solution cd /usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/bin ./SAPup reset prepare

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How to re-import a transport request via STMS

We have a transport request imported but without ticking the option “Leave for further import”. We want re-import this transport request again. Solution: 1. Delete request from queue Follow this menu path: Request->Delete 2. Add request into queue with check box Import again Follow this Menu path: Extras->Other Requests->Add

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SAP PI: growing table BC_MSG_AUDIT

We have SAP PI 7.1 In case we have errors on Adapter Engine, and we have messages in status System Error, this message keep in database until then, until Cancelled. This is the reason the growth table BC_MSG_AUDIT For resolve this problem in Runtime Workbench via message monitoring we select messages with status System Error and press button Cancel. On question Are you sure you want to execute the action? We answer Apply. Check the successful execution of the deletion and archiving jobs via the background processing monitor in the RWB. Enter the RWB, navigate to “Component Monitoring” and click “Display”. Choose the Adapter Engine … Continue Reading

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Internet Explorer 9 и SAP

Для корректной работы Internet Explorer 9 c SAP необходимо настроить параметры совместимости со старыми версиями в меню Internet Explorer 9 Сервис > Параметры просмотра в режиме совместимости. Если сервера SAP расположены в интернете, то необходимо добавить их в список серверов для которых Internet Explorer использует режим совместимости, либо поставить галочку Отображать все веб-сайты в режиме совместимости. Если сервера SAP расположены в интранет сети, то достаточно поставить галку Отображать сайты интрасети в режиме совместимости.

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Полная перезагрузка системы SAP с очисткой shared memory UNIX

Пример полной перезагрузки для системы SAP о очисткой shared memory Под пользователем <sidadm> Для каждой установленной инстанции (на примере DVEMESG00) stopsap r3 DVEBMGS00 stopsap sapstartsrv DVEBMGS00 Проверяем наличие процессов под пользователем <sidadm> ps -ef | grep <sidadm> Производим очистку shared memory стандартной утилитой cleanipc (в нашем примере номер инстанции 00) cleanipc 00 remove Проверяем наличие сегментов shared memory ipcs | grep <sidadm> При необходимости удаляем сегменты shared memory ipcrm -s [semaphor id] ipcrm -m [memory id]    

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SAP Web Dispatcher: installation and applying patches

My notes for installation SAP WebDispatcher After installation 1. Apply last patch (see SAP note 908097) 2. Copy files from archive wdispadmin.SAR into directory /usr/sap/SID/WXX/data/icmanroot, where SID – SID of the SAP Web Dispatcher and  XX – system number of  of the SAP Web Dispatcher. 3. Add to instance profile bellow lines: icm/host_name_full = <host in FQDN> icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=8855,TIMEOUT=3600,PROCTIMEOUT=3600 icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=81$$,TIMEOUT=3600,PROCTIMEOUT=3600 icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/admin,DOCROOT=./admin,PORT=8855,HOST=<host>,AUTHFILE=none 4. Restart SAP Webdispatcher Some SAP notes for installation and applying patches on SAP Web Dispatcher Note 908097 – SAP Web Dispatcher: Released releases and applying patches Summary Symptom You want to install a current version of … Continue Reading

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