Problem with stop/start saposcol

Sometimes it may be impossible to stop saposcol either by

“saposcol -d” –> kill or by “saposcol -k”.

The system produces messages similar to:

can't kill process 99687.
kill: No such process
ERROR:No reaction from collecting process 99687!
Please kill collecting process.

Although no process with PID 99687  exists, the output of command “saposcol -s” shows that saposcol is running and shared memory is attached.

In this case, stop the collector running by removing the shared memory key of saposcol.

For this, execute command “ipcs -ma” and note the line that contains saposcol key “4dbe”. You need the shared memory ID. After that, execute command
ipcrm -m ID

bash-3.00$ ipcs -ma | grep 4dbe
m   5242883 0x00004dbe --rw-rw-rw-     root   sapsys     root   sapsys      0   187
0188 671902 938150 11:19:40 11:19:40 21:47:04
bash-3.00$ ipcrm -m 5242883

Now the command  “saposcol -s” should show that saposcol is not running and that the shared memory is not attached. The shared memory key will be created automatically by the saposcol when the collector is next started: “saposcol -l”.

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2 Responses to Problem with stop/start saposcol
  1. Daniel Oliveira

    Thank you! We was facing the same issue in our historic environment and this solution worked just fine!!!!

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