RZ70 SLD Error

In relation to the following error received: “JCO.Server could not find server function SET_SLD_DATA”

1) RZ70 could not find gateway – check gateway defined in RZ70 is up and running in host and SLD home page ->Administration -> Data Supplier Bridge and SLD gateway host is reachable from ABAP system host.

2) Be aware SLD/J2EE does not install a gateway as standard – you must either install a dedicated gateway instance using Presentation CD/DVD or you must use a local ABAP gateway (normally local ABAP stack if SLD runs on J2EE ADDIN) or ensure the definitions are correct for any other ABAP systems gateway you choose to use

3) Check the definitions in SLD -> Administration ->Data Supplier Bridge match the definitions in RZ70 – try also FQDN. Ensure these are the same!

4) If you are operating multiple SLD see SAP note 700127

5) Ensure you have not manually created entries for SLD_UC and SLD_NUC in the JCO RFC provider of the visual administrator. The SLD has its own internal JCO provider so there should be no entries in that of the Engine. I am not sure of your SP levels, but this may also apply: if you have a gateway service on the defined host, the definitions match between RZ70 and SLD, the gateway is running then it could be a problem with RZ70 – implement notes 906454 and 926089 and 907729.

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