sm21 – BP_JOB_ABORT: Failed to cancel job SWEQSRV

We have few errors:
1. In sm21 there are few errors in hour with text:
BP_JOB_ABORT: Failed to cancel job
Job SWEQSRV is not in table TBTCO
2. few dumps in day with text:
3. In sm21 few warnings in day with text:
TemSe error repair
4. Background job SWEQSRV have 14 – 17 instanses with status Released,
there are jobs with same job start date and time.
5. We can not unschedule job SWEQSRV via transaction SWEQADM. At fist
time after press button “Unschedule background job” all jobs deleted,
but after 10 minutes 14 – 17 jobs created with status Released.

1. Just logon to SM37 and select report RSWEQSRV can you check it is
scheduled multiple times.
2. Delete all jobs, which run report RSWEQSRV.
3. Reschedule SWEQSRV via SWEQADM after deleting all other instances in SM37.

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