SMD Agent Offline at Agent Administration


Your SMD Agent started correctly in the OS and You can see the process through tme command

ps -ef | grep daaadm

SMD Agent Offline at Agent Administration

But when You go to the transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER in the option Agent Administration SMD Agent is offline

Another way to Agent Administration by link http://server:port/webdynpro/dispatcher/


All action will be performed in managed system.

Log on OS level user daaadm

su – daaadm

Stop SMD Agent

stopsap SMDA97

Perform configuration for direct connect to solution manager

/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA97/script/ managingconf hostname:”sapms://<hostname>” port:”<message server port>” user:”SMD_ADMIN” pwd:”<password>” servername=”<hostname>”

Start SMD Agent

startsap SMDA97

Now SMD Agent in Agent Administration is online.

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