STMS Status of Importing Queue (Request Does Not Match Component Version)

With Version SAP_BASIS 702 a new feature was added to the TMS system, tp was checking the component version of the transport which was released and the component version of the system where the transport was going to be imported. If there was a difference, this difference was highlighted in the import queue (transaction stms_import) and if you tried to import the transport, the import would stop with a warning message about the difference in the SAPCOMPONENT versions.
You have error import status “Request does not match component version”.

Set STMS  profile parameter : SP_TRANS_SYNC = OFF
This can be added via transaction STMS of the domain controller.
Call transaction STMS
Goto ‘Systems Overview’
Double click you wish to add the parameter to
Goto ‘Transport Tool’ tab
Goto ‘change mode’
Add SP_TRANS_SYNC to parameter column and OFF to value column
Save, activate and distribute

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