Upgrade Solman – import error repaired object

We experienced the same thing on our sandbox. However, in our case we had an earlier error during DDIC Activation. We upgraded from Solution Manager 7.0 SPS 17 to EhP 1 SPS 20. The DDIC Activation got resolved by implementing Note 1256384 manually. However the request was not released when we resumed the SAINT. This caused the IMPORT_PROPER to stop at SAPK-701DOINSAPBASIS.

At this point the system was basically paralized. No Easy Access menu, no SAINT, only dumps. SE10 could not be used to release the repair request and resulted in dump. Since we know that the only request still open in our system is this repair request, we tried running:

tp r3i all SMS pf=D:\usr\sap\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SMS.PFL -Dclientcascade=yes -Dstoponerror=8 -Dsourcesystems= tag=SPAM U06

I believe the U06 option forces overwrite. This overwrote the open repair request. We stopped the tp once SAPK-701DOINSAPBASIS was successfully imported per the log. After this, we managed to sign on the system and resumed the IMPORT_PROPER via SAINT.

Again, we used this method since we had nothing to lose. This is our sandbox, which already backed up prior to upgrade. We just chose not to restore from backup.

After upgrade, we implemented procedures in Note 1244225 – Solution Manager 7.0 EhP 1: recommended corrections.

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